Role: Creative director, designer
Illustrator: Russ Gray​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​The Adobe Lehi site lead, Wendy Steinle, needed a visual system that could add legitimacy and unification to the employee- and community-centered work that she and her team were doing. I proposed creating a foundational identity image that could act as a North Star for all their communications and collateral. The result is this key illustration above.
It was important to me to partner with an illustrator that was a Utah native that understood the area's landscape. Enter my friend, Russ Gray (see his Behance page for details on our process). The image is made up by six tableaus that represent the six employee charters/core values: Diversity & Inclusion, Escape, Wellbeing, Sustainability, Community, and STEAM.
The illustration establishes the color palette, textures, and image style for all related collateral. It can also be split up into individual charter images that can be used for their respective communications (see below). 
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